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The presentation of your products can significantly affect sales and the overall shopping experience. Diforma’s side displays combine aesthetics with practicality, allowing you to display your products with ease and elegance. Manufactured with high quality materials and customizable to fit your specific needs, whether you need a double-sided display racks or a 4-sided display rack, we have the perfect solution to highlight your merchandise, our displays create an attractive product presentation while optimizing your retail space. Transform your store and enhance the customer experience with our side display shelving.

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Why Choose Diforma Sided Display Racks?

  • Enhanced Product Visibility: Our display racks are designed to make your products stand out.
  • Space Optimization: Make the most of your retail space with efficient display solutions.
  • Customizable: Tailor-made to fit your brand aesthetics and specific requirements.
  • Durable Quality: Made with top-notch materials for lasting durability.
  • Easy Assembly: Our display racks are designed for easy installation and rearrangement.

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At Diforma in store, we have a dedicated team of experienced professionals who are passionate about helping businesses like yours succeed. From our skilled designers to our production experts, we work collaboratively to bring your vision to life. With our industry knowledge and commitment to excellence, we are here to provide you with the best custom counter displays that will surpass your expectations.


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General information about Sided Display Racks

Sided display racks are a versatile and efficient solution for showcasing products in retail stores. These racks feature multiple sides or panels for displaying merchandise, allowing for increased visibility and product exposure. They are designed to optimize space utilization and enhance the shopping experience for customers. Sided display racks come in various styles, sizes, and materials to suit different store layouts and product display needs.

Sided display racks play a crucial role in attracting customer attention, organizing merchandise, and driving sales. Here are some reasons why they are important:

  1. Increased Product Visibility: Sided display racks provide multiple sides or panels for product display, ensuring maximum visibility from different angles within the store. This increased exposure helps draw customer attention to featured products and promotions.
  2. Efficient Space Utilization: Sided display racks optimize floor space by utilizing all sides of the rack for product placement. They allow retailers to showcase a larger product assortment in a compact footprint, making them ideal for stores with limited space.
  3. Enhanced Product Organization: With multiple sides for display, sided racks enable effective product organization and categorization. Retailers can strategically place complementary items or group similar products together, making it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for.
  4. Flexibility and Versatility: Sided display racks offer flexibility in terms of configuration and display options. They can be customized with adjustable shelves, hooks, or trays to accommodate different product sizes and types. This versatility allows for easy rearrangement and adaptability to changing merchandising needs.

Sided display racks provide several benefits for both retailers and customers. Some notable advantages include:

  1. Increased Sales: The prominent and organized display of products on sided racks can help boost sales. By showcasing a wide range of products in an eye-catching manner, retailers can entice customers to make additional purchases and explore new offerings.
  2. Improved Customer Engagement: Sided display racks create an interactive and engaging shopping experience. Customers can easily access and view products from different angles, encouraging them to interact with the merchandise and make informed buying decisions.
  3. Versatile Product Display: Sided display racks offer versatility in presenting various product types, such as clothing, accessories, books, or household items. The multiple sides provide ample space to highlight different product features, benefits, or promotional messages.
  4. Enhanced Store Aesthetics: Well-designed and visually appealing sided display racks contribute to the overall ambiance and aesthetics of the store. They can be customized to align with the store’s branding and design elements, creating a cohesive and attractive shopping environment.

There are different types of sided display racks available to suit various retail needs and product types. Some common types include:

  1. Rotating Sided Display Racks: These racks feature rotating panels or tiers that allow easy access to products from all sides. They are ideal for displaying small items, such as cosmetics, accessories, or stationery.
  2. Pegboard Sided Display Racks: These racks consist of a pegboard panel with multiple holes or slots for attaching hooks or shelves. They are versatile and can be used to showcase a variety of products, from tools to toys to kitchenware.
  3. Gridwall Sided Display Racks: Gridwall racks have a grid pattern of metal wires that allow for flexible product placement using hooks, shelves, or baskets. They offer a customizable display solution for clothing, accessories, or retail merchandise.
  4. Slatwall Sided Display Racks: Slatwall racks feature slats or grooves that allow for the attachment of various display accessories such as shelves, hooks, or brackets. They provide a versatile and customizable display option for a wide range of products.

Sided display racks are constructed using different materials, each offering unique advantages. Common material options include:

Metal: Metal-sided display racks are known for their durability and strength. They provide stability and can support heavier products. Metal racks are suitable for stores with a modern or industrial aesthetic.

Wood: Wood-sided display racks offer a warm and natural appeal. They can be customized with different finishes to match the store’s decor and create a cozy shopping atmosphere. Wood racks are commonly used for displaying clothing, accessories, or specialty items.

Plastic: Plastic-sided display racks are lightweight and cost-effective. They are easy to clean and can withstand various retail environments. Plastic racks are suitable for temporary or seasonal displays.

The choice of material for sided display racks depends on factors such as durability requirements, budget, store aesthetics, and the nature of the products being displayed. Retailers should select the material that best aligns with their store’s branding, product offering, and target audience.

In conclusion, sided display racks are a valuable tool for retailers to optimize space, enhance product visibility, and drive sales. With their versatility, they can accommodate a wide range of products and contribute to an engaging shopping experience. By selecting the appropriate type and material for sided display racks, retailers can effectively showcase their merchandise and create an appealing in-store environment.

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Sided Display Rack: Frequent questions

Yes, we provide delivery and installation services for our Sided Display Racks. Our professional team ensures that your racks are safely transported and properly installed at your desired location. We strive to make the process convenient for you, allowing you to focus on your business.

Our Sided Display Racks have been successfully utilized in various industries. We have served industries such as retail, fashion, home goods, electronics, sports, and many others. The versatility of our Sided Display Racks allows us to tailor them to meet the specific needs of different businesses across a wide range of industries.

Certainly! Our team of experienced designers can assist you with the design of your Sided Display Rack. We understand that an effective display rack should represent your brand and highlight your products. By collaborating closely with you, we ensure that the design aligns with your vision and meets your requirements. Our designers will incorporate your input to create a customized and visually appealing Sided Display Rack.

Yes, we offer customization options for the size of your Sided Display Rack. We understand that different products and retail spaces have unique requirements. Whether you need a compact rack for a smaller area or a larger rack for maximum product visibility, we can accommodate your preferences. Our team will guide you in selecting the appropriate size that optimizes the functionality and visual impact of your Sided Display Rack.