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In the crowded retail landscape, standout presentation is key to capturing customer attention and boosting sales. Diforma’s custom cardboard store displays and cardboard floor displays are your secret weapon. Made from premium, eco-friendly materials, our display stands are fully customizable, allowing you to create unique, on-brand product showcases. Whether you’re looking to highlight a new product or set up a special promotion, our stands are a cost-effective, high-impact solution that elevates your retail presence.

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Maximize Your Retail Impact: Discover the Benefits

  1. Showcase your products effectively with eye-catching displays.
  2. Customizable to fit your brand’s aesthetic and messaging.
  3. Made from eco-friendly, durable materials.
  4. Cost-effective solution for product promotion.
  5. Increases product visibility and enhances in-store customer experience.

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Our team of experienced designers and production work side by side to bring your vision to life. We believe in a collaborative approach and, with your input and our expertise, we create display solutions that are not only attractive, but also deliver results.


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General information about Custom Cardboard Display

Custom cardboard displays are a versatile and cost-effective marketing tool used in retail stores to showcase products and attract customer attention. These displays are made from cardboard, a lightweight and durable material that can be easily customized and printed with branding or promotional messages. Custom cardboard displays are designed to enhance product visibility, increase sales, and create an engaging shopping experience. They come in various shapes, sizes, and configurations, allowing retailers to tailor them to their specific merchandising needs. Also, you can find others products as end cap displays or floor displays

Custom floor displays play a crucial role in enhancing the visual appeal of a store and influencing consumer behavior. Here are some reasons why they are important:

  1. Product Highlight: Floor displays allow retailers to prominently showcase specific products or promotions, making them more noticeable to customers. They can be strategically placed in high-traffic areas to capture attention and generate interest.
  2. Brand Awareness: Custom floor displays can be branded with a store’s logo, colors, and graphics, effectively reinforcing brand recognition and awareness among customers. Consistent branding across different displays creates a cohesive and memorable shopping experience.
  3. Increased Sales: Well-designed floor displays can drive impulse purchases and increase sales. By creating an attractive product presentation and offering additional information or incentives, retailers can encourage customers to make unplanned buying decisions.
  4. Space Optimization: Floor displays make efficient use of available store space, especially in areas where wall or shelf displays may be limited. They provide a dedicated area to showcase products without interfering with other store fixtures.

Custom cardboard displays offer several benefits for both retailers and customers. Here are some notable advantages:

  1. Increased Sales: Custom cardboard displays are effective in driving impulse purchases and increasing sales. By showcasing products in an attractive and organized manner, they catch customer attention and encourage them to make unplanned purchases.
  2. Easy Assembly and Portability: Custom cardboard displays are lightweight and easy to assemble, allowing for quick setup and relocation within the store. They are also portable, making them convenient for events, trade shows, or temporary promotional displays.
  3. Versatile Design Options: Custom cardboard displays can be designed with a variety of features to suit different product types. They can include shelves, hooks, compartments, or interactive elements, providing versatility in product presentation and customer engagement.
  4. Eco-Friendly Choice: Cardboard displays are environmentally friendly as they are made from recyclable materials. Using custom cardboard displays demonstrates a commitment to sustainable practices, which can positively impact customers’ perception of the brand.

There are various types of custom cardboard displays available to suit different retail environments and product types. Some common types include:

  1. Counter Displays: Cardboard Counter displays are small-sized cardboard displays placed on countertops or checkout counters. They are ideal for showcasing small items like candies, cosmetics, or impulse-buy products.
  2. Floor Displays: Cardboard Floor displays are larger cardboard displays placed on the store floor. They can be freestanding or pallet-based and are suitable for displaying larger products or promotional items.
  3. Dump Bins: Cardboard Dump bins are open-top cardboard displays that allow products to be easily tossed or “dumped” into them. They are commonly used for items like toys, discounted merchandise, or clearance items.
  4. Standees: Cardboard Standees are life-sized cutouts or figures made from cardboard. They are often used for promotional campaigns or to create engaging photo opportunities for customers.

Custom cardboard displays are typically made from corrugated cardboard, which consists of a fluted layer between two flat cardboard layers. However, there are variations in material thickness and strength. The choice of material depends on the desired durability and weight-bearing capacity of the display.

  1. Single-Wall Corrugated Cardboard: This is the most common and cost-effective option for custom cardboard displays. It offers sufficient strength for most retail applications and is suitable for lightweight or medium-weight products.

  2. Double-Wall Corrugated Cardboard: Double-wall corrugated cardboard provides increased durability and strength compared to single-wall cardboard. It can support heavier products or withstand more demanding retail environments.

  3. Tri-Wall Corrugated Cardboard: Tri-wall corrugated cardboard is the strongest option, offering exceptional durability and rigidity. It is suitable for heavy or bulky products that require extra support.

The choice of material for custom cardboard displays depends on factors such as the weight of the products to be displayed, the desired durability, and the specific merchandising needs of the retailer. Retailers should select the material that best suits their product requirements and budget.

In conclusion, custom cardboard displays are an important marketing tool for retailers to enhance product visibility, promote their brand, and increase sales. With their versatility, affordability, and customization options, custom cardboard displays offer a practical and visually appealing solution for showcasing products in a retail environment.

By selecting the right type of display and material, retailers can effectively engage customers, create a positive brand image, and drive customer purchasing decisions.

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Custom Cardboard Display: Frequent questions

Yes, we provide delivery services for Cardboard Display Stands. Our team ensures that your stands are safely delivered to your location. As for installation, cardboard display stands are designed to be easy to set up and assemble, and we provide clear instructions to help you quickly and effortlessly assemble them at your desired location.


Cardboard Display Stands are versatile and can be used in various industries. We have served industries such as retail, food and beverage, cosmetics, electronics, and more. Cardboard Display Stands are particularly popular for point-of-purchase promotions, product launches, and seasonal campaigns. They offer a cost-effective and customizable solution for showcasing products and capturing customer attention.


Certainly! Our team of designers can assist you with the design of your Cardboard Display Stand. We understand the importance of a visually appealing and engaging display that effectively represents your brand and products. By collaborating closely with you, we will incorporate your input and requirements into the design process, creating a customized Cardboard Display Stand that meets your specific needs.


Yes, we offer customization options for the size of your Cardboard Display Stand. We understand that different products and display spaces have unique requirements. Whether you need a compact countertop display or a larger freestanding display, we can accommodate your size preferences. Our team will provide guidance to help you select the appropriate size that maximizes the impact of your products and fits seamlessly into your retail environment.