custom merchandising displays

My name is Juan Villegas, SVP OF SALES – LATIN AMERICA for TOUGHBUILT INDUSTRIES, a California-based company that designs, produces, and distributes tools and accessories.

I had a big challenge regarding our portfolio presentation at the point of sale. Our company’s core is product innovation, and we had to stand out with an exhibition that conveyed our concept of a premium brand. We needed a permanent display design that would cause the shopper’s stop in his journey and communicate all the benefits of our products to boost the purchase. Grupo Diforma translated this need, developing a winning proposal for the point of sale and achieving a cost-efficient and very functional design regarding product loading and logistics when assembling and disassembling it.

We had the opportunity to showcase this design at the last ACE HARDWARE SHOW IN CHICAGO, and the result was incredible. Our distributors adopted the plan-o-gram concept, which makes great sense for our business, given our growth goals.

I love the way Ximena and her team work, where communication is vital, and the co-creation process guarantees the success of all the projects they develop and a unique customer service experience

Juan Villegas

SVP of Sales – Latin America
California, US
What was the challenge you had at the point of sale?

Implement modern, excellent quality exhibitions that would attract the attention of customers and at the same time the chain would accept and want to have in its regional stores

How did Grupo Diforma help you solve it?

They have designed the exhibitions with modern, striking designs and best of all in record time with impeccable execution and implementation.

What would you highlight about the situation they are in today as opposed to before the service started?

We have the most striking and functional exhibitions in all points of sale and with excellent quality and durability.

Anything you want to add, whether it’s a personal appreciation or why you would recommend our services.

Diforma is an agency that we can ALWAYS count on, obtaining the best service of design, manufacture, execution and implementation, hand in hand with its accompaniment from the beginning to the end of the process. I highly recommend them.

Catalina Rodriguez

Channel Marketing Manager,
Central America And The Caribbean
Miami, Florida, US

custom displays
What was the challenge you had at the point of sale?

One of our top customers asked for a permanent display where we can exhibit our products as a secondary location. The request came with specifications regarding store space and placement, plants to be displayed, and material.

How did Grupo Diforma help you solve it?

We submitted and discussed a brief with Grupo Diforma, and we received different proposals with different artworks and renderings in a week. A few changes were requested, and Grupo Diforma responded immediately with the final proposal. The design was approved, samples were tested, and the order was placed. The customer was with the permanent fixture, and we continued expanding the business with more secondary locations.

What would you highlight about the situation they are in today as opposed to before the service started?

Due to the Good performance, we are exploring new concepts with Grupo Diforma for future projects. Furthermore, the fixtures are easy to install and call attention at the point of sale.

My first project with Grupo Diforma was more than 15 years ago. The attention from the team was incredible, and the materials were right on point. Now, 15 years later, I’m glad to say that I have Grupo Diforma on my side again.

Jorge Salaman

Director Product Management
Miami, Florida, US