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Grupo Diforma was born 20 years ago from a university project, we graduated as Industrial Designers from the University Javeriana and started a life project with 3 more partners. Entrepreneurship is a decision of life.


We started with a contribution of $ 800,000 that allowed us to pay 2 months of rent and services in a small office. We take our computers and start knowing everything a little, but without a clear business focus. First learning, focus … go out of the building and observe to define where you want to direct your venture. Know your customers



This is how we found a business opportunity where industrial design fitted very well, in the point-of-sale advertising sector and we began to touch doors, thinking big. We receive many not for an answer, until we finally find the first opportunity. When you are an entrepreneur you must insist, persist and never give up. I remember that our first two customers were Quala and Alpina, when the first project with Quala came out, they did not give us an advance and we did not have how to finance it, the banks closed our doors for being a newly founded company and having no credit history, fortunately our families they helped us to carry out our first projects economically, we looked for strategic allies like a carpenter who joined us to work on these projects looking for who knows and join him, and on the other hand, our effort, I was a torero, was a messenger , selling, served red wines, I went with the lord of the truck to take the furniture to the client, helping to load them … long nights of hammering, aiming, painting, that’s when my insomnia began and when you decide to start, you do not stop doing it, until today 20 years later I continue with insomnia, undertaking is scalable, one idea takes you to the other and so on and you do not stop !! And that is part of our history, the ability to constantly reinvent ourselves, resilience in the face of adversity.


We managed to position ourselves in the market and we already had a good volume of sales and customers, however the competition was more and more around the corner and we began to navigate in red oceans where everyone competes for price, which makes you Successful in the past, probably does not make you successful in the present, nor will it in the future, that was our first reinvention, which made us take our company to look at a global market and lose the fear of exporting and literally we went to navigating in blue oceans to the islands of the Caribbean, where competition became irrelevant, today 80% of our sales are exports. If you can dream it you can achieve it, with a mixture of intuition, passion and madness

But not everything was rosy, 3 football worlds ago, we had our first break, when they entered our warehouse and stole everything, machines, computers, everything! And the worst when we learned that he had been our trusted employee, thank God a neighbor took the plates of the truck that took everything and after tracking it we managed to recover the vast majority. Another great learning, do not be naive. Take care of the selection processes, your employees are your brand.

Towards 2011, we did another redesign in search again of focusing on our core business. Years ago we had decided to create our production plant to have control of the processes, which led us to grow in debt and our administrative and human resources costs were too high. When we became aware of this fact, we realized that having our own plant did not add value to our client, it was irrelevant and even more so with customers from abroad. We decided to sell everything and reduce ourselves to concentrate on what really added value to our business, which was design.

Many changes and constant reinvention is what has characterized us and perhaps what makes us different. Either you are different or you are extinct. Make constant future visualization, that what you are doing today will take you where you want to be tomorrow.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy, every day you find a different crackling, a job lawsuit, an accident at work, a complaint from a provider, the Dian, the ugpp, the list is endless, and is part of this choice.

Three years ago we started our innovation program with the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá and last year we obtained our stamp of good practices in Innovation. It has been like consolidating even more our dynamics of reinvention, nowadays we have three new business models. It is part of the personality of the entrepreneur, to be restless curious, to see new possibilities and not stop believing. The best way to see the future is to create it.

All this is possible thanks to the human team of which you surround yourself. That’s why we created the position of happiness ambassador in the agency. We worry about aligning life dreams with business dreams, going beyond money, knowing and empathizing with our collaborators. Give them an emotional salary, a brand experience. We have been incubators of new ventures, human beings who have dreamed and have managed to build their businesses and today are our suppliers.


Los sueños sin acción son solo ilusión.


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